This is a site written by a retired teacher with 32 years teaching experience, 20 of these overseas, for the benefit of teachers and includes free information on overseas teaching jobs, how to apply for overseas teaching jobs, what to look for in a chosen country of destination, what to look for in a school contract, family considerations, a section for children who are going to be travelling with their parents overseas, links to other educational sites and links to information on countries where international schools are situated. There is also a section where people over the age of 18 who wish to offer a home swap, rent or stay, may contact each other, for which there is a small charge.

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There is an adage that says that, in this life, there are no free lunches. will always be a free site for teachers to peruse job openings, but schools wishing to post openings must leave a tip of US$10, as this will enable us to defray our expenses. Simply click here on "Make Payment" or on the click-through bar to start the process which is both simple and safe. We hope that you will find the job opening you have been looking for and enjoy your time overseas.

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Please look in the "Jobs" section for schools' web sites. Schools can be found under the country they are in, for example, Thailand, Phuket. There is a search facility at the "Jobs" page.

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